You Season 3 Expected To Be A Hit

You Season 3
You Season 3

You Season 3 is here! A lot of hype has been created around the show. The fans and critics have been eagerly waiting for the first episodes to be aired. “You” is an American television show which is a psychological thriller in nature. The first two seasons were a massive hit which made the third season an obvious choice. 

The viewers on Netflix are very much overjoyed to get the news. The build-up to the new season was executed appropriately. The perfectly crafted trailers only added to the growing tension and hype. When the first episodes were launched, it was time to check whether it lives up to the expectation or not. Let us learn more about the show below. 

You Season 3 Promises To Be Big

The initial episode focuses mainly on the life story of Joe Goldberg. He has been portrayed to be freed from his barriers. Thus, Goldberg sets off in his quest of finding a new “You” for himself. He eventually runs into his new partner and decides to settle down. Both of them attempted to brush aside their villainous past. They took shelter away from the crowds where the fences contained pickets of white color. 

However, in an unfortunate turn of events, both of them started facing problems. It felt very much evident as the couple did not have a strong foundation. Their instability led the couple to more trouble. You Season 3 gradually shows Joe Goldberg developing an obsession for another woman. 

We also find out that Goldberg became attracted to his boss as well. Marienne was tricked into believing that Love & Joe was on the verge of being divorced. The charming nature of Joe made her fall for him. Marienne even agreed to flee with him and start afresh. You Season 3 has promised a lot. It remains to be seen how the rest of the episodes pan out. 

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