Everything You Need To Know About California Wildfires 2020

California wildfires have become a major source of concern not just for Californians but for the entire global community. Year after year, it ravaged through millions of acres and districts the Californian wildlife and vegetation. While the California wildfires 2020 has not started officially, experts say that it’s going to be bigger and worse than the previous years. 

As per Cal Fire, an extra 1.4 million acres have burned down just last month, and the number of wildfires has risen 2,700 more than 2019. Another unusual thing this California wildfires 2020 bring in is the summer thunderstorms. It has led to an early start of wildfires, which traditionally starts after summer. This year, over 14,000 lightning strikes have been registered across the dry landscape of California, which has led to over 700 wildfires. As per reports, the total acres that have been burned down combined are larger than some of the US states. 

California wildfires in 2019 had the least damage recorded since 2011, with just 259,823 acres of burnt land. In sharp contrast to that, even while the California wildfires 2020 has not started yet, at least 1.6 million acres of burnt land has been recorded this year. 

On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom held a press conference where he said that the California wildfires 2020 is set to be unprecedented. 

August saw two of the largest and most devastating wildfires ever to be recorded in over a century. The LNU lighting fire has been recorded to be the second largest in the history of California fires. The third-largest Fire has also been recorded last month, the SCH lightning wildfire. 

The 2018 California wildfire is Mendocino, which burned around 459,123 acres of land, still holds the first title of the largest and most recasting wildfires California has ever seen. In comparison to that, the second-largest, LNU wildfire that happened last month, burning over 365,772 acres of land. Many have raised alarm and concern since the official California wildfires 2020 is still scheduled to officially begin. 

Experts predict an unusually dry winter, which puts California into further fire danger from increasing offshore winds. 

California Wildfires 2020 Duration Has Grown Significantly

California wildfires are natural and expected because of its rugged and dry terrain. However, records show that the duration of these fire seasons has grown significantly. It traditionally lasts from May till October. But, the unusual lightning strikes have ignited fires earlier than usual. And, it looks like it’s going to last longer. 

A representative from Fire Cal states that the level of destruction these wildfires carry has grown over the years. They also stated that global warming is one of the main catalysts for this devastation. Rising temperature, early snowmelt, and reduced snowpack have led to longer dry seasons, which in turn, makes the California vegetation more susceptible to fires. 

As per a research done in 2018 by Sierra Nevada Research Institute, America is going to see a 150% increase in wildfires in the coming 18 years. And, California is going to suffer most of these fires. 

What Should You Expect This Fire Season To Be Like?

While many have deemed August to be the peak of California wildfires 2020, experts predict that the unusual lightning strikes might cause major wildfires in September. 

July saw an increase in fires as shrubberies, bushes, and trees were drier than normal across California. Moreover, the lightning strikes spread the north and the west. Northern California, the Great Basin, Northern Rockies, and the Pacific Northwest saw a significant increase in lightning strikes. 

As per the Fire Center, North America will see an intermittent monsoon, which is expected to bring in several dry lightning strikes. 

As fall comes, the temperature will cool down. However, Southern California will still be in danger as it will face major offshore winds. Since the rainy season will be delayed, California wildfires 2020 could wreak havoc.

Evacuate At The Earliest Warning To Safeguard Yourself From The California Wildfires 2020

Although there is much difference between an order and a warning, you should not wait for the situation to get worse. If you are in a condition to move out, you should do it at the earliest warning. 

Ready For Wildfire has also stated that road traffic, which happens when people panic and evacuate at the last moment, deters them from doing their job efficiently. Furthermore, when an intense fire breaks out, firefighters don’t have enough time to visit every house and inform them about evacuating. 

How Will A WildFire Affect Your Health Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic?

It is extremely important that you take care of your respiratory system since there’s already a pandemic that attacks you through your respiratory system.

Experts have recommended wearing marks but just to protect oneself from the coronavirus but also to avoid inhaling any harmful matters like nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide that wildfires emit. 

The air quality is only going to get worse. And, exposing yourself to smoke can lead to cardiovascular and respiratory risks. It can even worsen your health if you already suffer from a lung or a heart disease. 

If you have kids at home, you need to be more careful during this California wildfires 2020 because, as per the CDC, children are more susceptible to ill health by smoke because their respiratory system is still in its development stage. Children also breathe in more air than adults. The elderly and the young ones are two demographics that are amongst the most vulnerable. 

Take Measures To Prevent Wildfires 

As per a study done by Jon Keely from the US Western Ecological Research Center, around 95 percent of the total wildfires happen because of human activity. 

As per reports, the huge fire that occurred at Eagle Rock in Los Angeles last year was caused intentionally by two people. Prior to that, the Ranch Fire in 2018 happened because of a metal spark of a hammer, according to Cal Fire. 

Be mindful of your activities and stay safe during this California wildfires 2020.