Chet Holmgren Lives Up To His Standing On Gonzaga Debut

chet holmgren
chet holmgren

Chet Holmgren had a highly impressive debut as a center for Gonzaga on Tuesday. The freshman lived up to his hype with an extraordinary performance. His contribution helped the Bulldogs, currently top-ranked, to cruise past the Trailblazers in their opener this season.

Chet Holmgren managed an impressive double-double in both points and rebounds, managing 14 and 13 points respectively. He also dished out 6 assists, also a high for the team, while matching the record for the program with 7 blocks inside 28 minutes.

Chet Holmgren also connected 4 of the 6 shots on the field, while knocking down 6 out of 9 tries from free throws. Chet Holmgren thus becomes the 1st player over the past 25 seasons who managed a double-double in rebounds and points, while also managing 5 assists and blocked shots on his debut at Division 1.

Chet Holmgren Happy With Impressive Stats But Happier For His Team

Chet Holmgren said that while he was happy with the cool statistics when he was informed about his feet. But he said that he was happier that the team has managed a win on the first outing. He said that many other team members had performed just as well.

His final statistics stand at 14 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists, 7 blocks, and 67% shooting in his 28 minutes. Chet Holmgren came into this season at the top of the NBA 2022 Draft.

Travis Branham reported for 247Sports that Holmgren was ranked the most promising prospect in 2021. The Minnesotan is a 7-footer and was the best defender and rim protector at his high school, possessing a terrific skill set on the offensive. He said that he was a natural for Gonzaga. 

Branham also said that Holmgren had an impressive handle for someone his height and was adept at breaking off the bounce. But the greatest concern for Holmgren has been his lack of weight in his tall frame. He has held at this stage with his instincts and athleticism, but it remains to be seen how well he holds up pitted against big players in major competitors.