Fake Klay Thompson Banned After Shooting Baskets

Klay Thompson

After deceiving security and shooting hoops on the floor before Match 5 of the NBA Finals last Monday, a guy posing as Golden State Warriors player Klay Thompson claimed that he was indefinitely barred from the Chase Center.

Fake Klay Thompson, aka YouTube trickster Dawson Gurley, questioned, “Why should I be blacklisted because their protection is incompetent?”

The Fake Klay Thompson Shares The Words Of The Letter

Eventually, in match 3, the true Klay Thompson hit 21 points to help the Warriors upset the Boston Celtics 104-94 and grab a 3-1 series lead.

Likewise, Gurley apparently leaked the notice that banned him from the Warriors’ home venue in San Francisco.

Chase Center administrators have not responded to SFGate.com or HuffPost’s requests for comment on the letter.

Hours before tipoff, this claimed photo of Fake Klay Thompson on the floor will likely go viral, giving him another 15 (or 10) minutes of glory.

Was it worth losing $10,000 in tickets and getting a lifetime ban? Absolutely. According to his tweet, he spent a total of ten minutes in the NBA.

According to SFGate, despite his notoriety among Warriors’ supporters, he has been hard to track down as of late.

In 2017, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr poked fun at the doppelganger, Klay Thompson. If a phony one shows up during a game, “I felt that was a fantastic metaphor for our training level,” Kerr will say. It was then that I turned and asked “Klay, did anyone have a couple of extra burgers?” That is fantastic. This is a man whom I really like.