Fan Controlled Football League And The Performance Of Johnny Manziel

Fan Controlled Football
Fan Controlled Football

Johnny Manziel made his debut in the Fan Controlled Football league this Saturday night. The player made the completion of only 1 pass out of the total 5 passes. The total number of yards is 11. He is the winner of the Heisman Trophy from the year 2012. Not only that but he is also the former quarterback of the National Football League. He is somebody who made the scramble of a total of 35 yards. This took place in the first play of the play from scrimmage.

Johnny Manziel In The Fan Controlled Football League

The 28-year-old player got sacked two times in the Fan Controlled Football league match. However, he still managed to stay nimble. He rushed for total yards of 67 with a total of eight carries. Johnny Manziel gave a statement with regard to the game. He stated that everything about the league was fun. There was not a single person who did not enjoy the game. Johnny Manziel also added that the only way from here was up.

The Fan Controlled Football League has a total number of four teams. All of the matches of the league will be played at Infinite Energy Arena in the state of Georgia. What he said about the game was that things will get better with time. The former star of the Texas A&M and the draft of the NFL added that despite the loss, it had been a good start.

This match from the Fan Controlled Football League is the first-ever action of competitive football of Johnny Manziel since his last game. His last game had been the match for the Alliance of American Football for the Memphis Express of the year 2019.