Fans Are Upset With Robin Thicke

robin thicke

The last episode of The Masked Singer was filled with tearful and lots of clues. The judges never fail to surprise the audience and the fans. They also disappoint them as well. In Wednesday’s episode, Robin Thicke saved a mantis which was not acceptable at all. There were others worth saving. This season brought many new rules to save singers, judges can save one singer per group. If they ring the dingdong bell.

Robin Thicke Left Dandelion Fighting For The Title

Wednesday’s episode was the movie Magic. It was all warner brothers movie night. The doll sang Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock. Robin Thicke was impressed by his voice and said it suits his voice. He gave a clue that he has sung before. Leaving the possible clue that it might be Austin Butler.

The doll also said he and the king also shared platinum records. Even before he said this the agents from Men in Black brought out a guitar where King Status has written on it. He also said he made movies.

Robin Thicke enjoyed Mantis’s performance. He went straight to the quarter-finals. He is likely to compete against other saved singers. The audience did not like Mantis’s voice. However, the judges were impressed, he sang Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock & Roll. The fans felt he should have been eliminated. Robin Thicke hit the bell, and many fans tweeted that they were eager to see who Mantis was. It was like holding their breath. They also think the bell idea is perhaps stupid. It was too early to decide Robin Thicke whom to save.

He was biased. They even asked in a tweet to get rid of the bell and Thicke.