Solar System Bamboozled Chelsea Handler

chelsea handler

Quite a shocking discovery for Chelsea Handler’s fans. She couldn’t tell the sun and mood are two different until she was 40. She is proud but she isn’t ashamed either to confess. It shocked her too, Monica in friends couldn’t tell time until she was 13, but in real life, Monica shocked the world. Chelsea Handler couldn’t differentiate them.

Chelsea Handler Supports ‘Not Knowing” Something

Even the easiest things or pieces of information are unknown to people and in societal norms, these people are called “dumb”.And ‘not knowing’ a supposedly a crime. Chelsea Handler, who is 47 years old comedian didn’t just sarcastically but with much confidence shared her worst nightmare or the most hilarious things you could ever hear from any adult. In a judgmental society, we need to normalize not knowing.

She came to the Jimmy Fallon show and Jimmy did make sure everyone heard it right before. And yet again she did say how embarrassing it was on her part as well, but here she is. Recently she shared this piece of information with a Netflix standup special Revolution.

And the biggest Myth was busted when Chelsea and her older sister Simone were on an African safari. And Simone asked her to look up and witness the beauty of the universe, the sun, and the moon together. According to Chelsea’s knowledge, the sun and the moon are one thing, the sun goes down and pops up again as the moon.

And this piece of information shook Simone’s earth. And to Chelsea Handler’s surprise, this is not what happens, the sun and moon are two different stars. And it was more embarrassing when the man who was on the elephant didn’t know how to speak English and went ‘pfft’.She cracked him so bad, he couldn’t hold it.