Federal Judge Dismisses Vindman’s Civil Conspiracy Claim Against Rudy Giuliani And Trump Jr.


Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the former National Security Council Director for European Affairs failed to convince a federal justice that he was the target of an unlawful conspiracy that ultimately forced him out of his White House job. Lt. Col. Alexander testified at Trump’s first hearing for impeachment and sued Giuliani and Trump Jr. and other senior Trump functionaries in February over statements made about him after his dramatic testimony.

Lt. Col. Alexander, in his lawsuit, had alleged that the defendants spread fabricated claims about him being a spy. He said that they had leaked secret classified information that undermined his credibility.

Lt. Col. Alexander also alleged that Giuliani and Trump Jr., along with the other top Trump allies had falsely indicted him of falsehood and had Vindman and his brother sacked from their position at the White House and left, what he alleged was a blot on democracy.

Judge Ruled That Vindman Did Not Present Facts To Back Up His Claims

But US District Court Judge James Boasberg ruled that Vindman was outside the limits of suitable political discourse, and the alleged events alone could not be said to violate any law.

Judge Boasberg said that the facts presented by Vindman do not entirely suggest that the defendants had the intention to coerce him. He said there was no evidence that they were trying to prevent him from doing his job or testifying, or were trying to unlawfully hit back at him.

Vindman was serving on the Security Council back in 2019 at a time when Trump Jr. leaned upon Ukraine President Zelensky to investigate Biden’s son, Hunter, while the US withheld military assistance to the nation.

Lt. Col. Alexander said that he was alarmed by Trump’s conduct and had reported the issue to his superiors. In his lawsuit, Lt. Col. Alexander had cited multiple social media posts and public statements by Trump’s associates and allies, and confidants attacking him. In his suit, he alleged that the Trump allies had leaked classified information about a meeting between Vindman plus a senior Ukrainian security official which was later used by the conservative media to discredit him. 

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