Balance Of Power In House Of Representatives Finely Poised

The House of Representatives continues to be the playing ground for a bewildering number of dynamics that keep changing the equation of the game. Over a dozen states, or even more, could see a redrawing of lines. This could tip the power balance during the 2024 presidential elections.

The past 2 elections have seen a shift of power from the Democrats to the Republicans. But each party has managed a majority of around 5 seats. The Congressional districts were redrawn last during the census in 2020. But many seats in the House of Representatives remain undecided after this redrawing. Many districts are expected to look dissimilar in 2024. It is a sign of the uncertainty that will ultimately be decided by Supreme Court decisions in those two cases.

The State In The House Of Representatives Are Way Higher Now

The way the fight in the House of Representatives shapes up will be different and in ways that were not under contemplation between the parties. Things have got closer and more competitive. The stakes too are way higher. The rules are marked more by a lack of them, and it is the power on display that decides who is right.

The House of Representatives will ultimately be affected by political and legal fights over redistricting. While the 2020 maps led to a more unbiased House of Representatives schedule, the large amount of unusual redistricting fights will affect the control of close to 20 seats in the House of Representatives.

In the present scenario, Republicans have an edge over the Democrats in the number of consistent opportunities to get House of Representative seats after the process of redistricting. This will prove critical in strengthening the majority of close to 222 seats they hold in the American House of Representatives. Even as the Supreme Court has limited federal opportunities, the Democratic Party is going for state court cases against the gerrymandering of maps, which violates the constitution of a state.

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