Antonio Brown Gets Even With Buccaneers With Bare-Bodied Meme Celebrating Elimination

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown

After his bizarre exit from a Buccaneers game and finally, from the team, speculation had arisen that Antonio Brown was leaving being a football game, the Buccaneers, and possibly his career in the National Football League.

The Buccaneers hit back and terminated his $3.1M contract and contradicted his assertions for leaving the game. While he had maintained that his departure centered on an ankle injury sustained in October, saying that he would need surgery to set it right.

Antonio Brown Posted Meme Of His Shirtless Pics With Bucs Eliminated Written On Poster

Antonio Brown’s latest post came soon after the LA Rams eliminated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Antonio Brown uploaded an image taken by a fan from the NY Jets game that showed him posing shirtless as he walked out. In the original image, Brown was holding his head.

Antonio Brown’s latest image had a poster added that showed the words ‘Bucs Eliminated.’ He captioned the image, ‘ican’t’ with an emoji showing a face overcome with laughter.

Brown’s former team went down 30-27 following a 30-year goal by Matt Gay, the Rams’ kicker at the expiry time. The Buccaneers had overcome a huge deficit of 24 points to tie late into the 4th quarter.

But they then suffered a defensive breakdown in covering a long pass over 44-yeards that found receiver Cooper Kupp. It put the Rams in the position to score a field goal.

Antonio Brown was a vital member of the offense of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the stretch. He had helped the Bucs win the Super Bowl 55 the previous season. He had a vital 2nd quarter touchdown grab.

Antonio Brown had returned only in December 2021 after a suspension of 3 games after the NFL alleged that he had wrongly represented his COVID status.

Bruce Arians had proclaimed after the game with the Jets that Antonio Brown had been dismissed from the team. But Brown had countered that he had been injured and could not continue playing.