Wendy Williams Is Battling Early Dementia

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

The current reports on Wendy Williams seem to be spilling more bad news, as the condition of the famous talk show host seems to be deteriorating. Allegedly, the ability of the host to walk has gone down completely, and she is currently restricted to using her wheelchair, as reported by Toine The Don of the Ricky Smiley Morning Show.

On the 22nd of November, Toine provided the shocking update on Wiliams’ health- as he mentioned her reports which stated that the 57-year-old talk show host had lost complete blood circulation in her feet and legs. 

Wendy Williams’ Health Spiralling Out Of Control

The host of the Wendy Williams Show is also battling the early stages of dementia, according to the reporter of pop culture. In an Instagram post, Toine stated that the entertainment group Lionsgate has locked Wendy away to prevent another relapse filled with booze and vodka. For the record, he also went on to claim that Kevin Hunter, the ex-husband of Wendy, was now cheating on his current fiancee, Sharina Hudson. 

As reported by Madamenoire, Sharina was the mistress of Kevin for close to 15 years when he was married to Wendy Williams. In fact, the one thing that led to the couple splitting was Kevin having a child with Sharina outside of marriage.

The lovechild of Kevin was born in 2019, and the divorce between him and Wendy got finalized in the early half of 2020. After that, Kevin proposed to Sharina for marriage in October of this year. According to Toine, his current mistress is a resident of Brooklyn. 

As far as Wendy Williams is concerned, she isn’t scheduled for a comeback any time soon. Things have spiraled out of control extremely fast for the host after she canceled her promotional tour due to ongoing health problems.