LeBron James And Steph Curry Star In All-Star Win: Team LeBron Prevail Over Team Durant

steph curry
steph curry

Steph Curry displayed an all-around show and scored an All-Star game record of 16 3-pointers to amass a whopping 50 points. His heroics helped him win the first of the Kobe Bryant All-Star game’s Most Valuable Player even as Team LeBron defeated Team Durant 163-160 in an exciting finish. It was an Elam Ending.

It was a memorable display of shooting by Steph Curry, garnering 50 points, while LeBron finished at 24 points.

For Team Durant, Joel Embiid was the leading scorer with 36.

Steph Curry Goes Ballistic With 3-Pointers

It was a stunning display of 3-pointers from Steph Curry in the 3rd quarter at the All-Star, as he scored 7 of them.

It was a befitting affirmation as he was honored among the 75 best players of the league. Steph Curry gave a raw display of how he has helped transform the game. At times, his 3-pointers were scored from a few feet into the half-court.

Steph Curry had 45 points across the first 3 quarters and has upstaged LeBron’s arrival at Cleveland.

The two teams were equal in the 3rd quarter. Team Durant went into the final quarter with a wafer-thin lead at 139-138. The 1st team to reach 163 was to be declared the winner.

Steph Curry endured the jeering from the crowd at Cleveland and added six more 3-pointers in the All-Star game’s 2nd quarter.

The 2nd quarter went to Team Durant. The score was reset following the end of each quarter.

The first two quarters saw Steph Curry score 24 points and give the lead to Team LeBron. LeBron had 13 at that point and Antetokounmpo had 12.

Embiid led for Team Durant, scoring 17 points while Devin Booker scored 16.

At the 2nd quarter timeout, Chris Paul, the Phoenix guard, got the opening Kobe & Gigi Bryant WBNA Advocacy Award. It was for their contribution towards women’s basketball and also their support towards the league.