Filibuster Rules Are The Hottest Topic In The Senate!

Filibuster Rules
Filibuster Rules

There is an extremely important debate to be addressed by the Senators belonging to the Democratic party. It is with regard to the filibuster rules. This is the subject that could bring about a huge change in the US Congress. They will have to decide if the said rule stays or gets eliminated. The decision will also have a direct effect on the agenda put forth by Joe Biden, the acting President of the United States of America. 

Filibuster Rules- Need For A Change

The ones who want to change the filibuster rules are the liberal advocates. They are trying their best to convince the Senate members to eliminate the rule or to bring some modifications to it. As for now, 60 votes are needed out of the total of 100 votes in order to advance with any kind of bill. Most of the politicians belonging to the Democratic party have stated their views concerning the fate of the bills put forth by them in the midst of the Republicans.

They argue that there is no doubt that Republicans will hinder their bill. The situation in the Senate is such that it is divided equally among the two parties even though the presidency and the Congress are under the domination of the Democrats. And that is why most Democrats want to abolish the filibuster rules. However, the Democrats on the other side hold the view that this would bring an end to the system of bipartisanship on the floor of the Senate.

And a majority of the Democrats have expressed their concern stating that they will work to modify some provision of the filibuster rules in case the Republicans fail to discuss the policy goals, most importantly that which deals with legislation. The two influential Democrats hindering the desired change are Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Senator, and Arizona-based Democrat, Kyrsten Sinema.