Kristi Noem’s Meeting Involving Daughter To Be Reviewed By South Dakota AG

Kristi Noem
Kristi Noem

The Attorney General of South Dakota said on Tuesday that Governor Kristi Noem’s meeting last year with her daughter in the presence of an employee of the state was being reviewed. The employee was tasked with overseeing the application of Kristi Noem’s daughter for the post of a real estate appraiser.

AG Jason Ravnsborg let out that he had been approached by both legislators and concerned citizens. He said that he was actively going through their concerns. He said that he would go by the law in deciding the issue.

The AG is yet to respond to questions on his plan of action. Under state laws, the Attorney General can share legal thoughts with lawmakers.

Kristi Noem Faces Allegation Of Paying State Employee For Her Silence

Governor Kristi Noem had conducted the get-together after her daughter was denied the license by the state agency last year. She eventually managed to get one 4 months later.

The employee who was part of the meeting, and who engaged with the agency has reportedly been prevailed upon to step down by the Governor’s cabinet secretary. Sherry Bren, the employee, received $200,000 to pull out the complaint and resign from her job.

Ethics experts say that the incident has raised concerns about the abuse of power by Governor Kristi Noem. The governor and her office refused to go into details. Her spokesperson said that the report was politically motivated against the governor.

Kristi Noem is viewed as one of the early conservative hopefuls for the 2024 elections to the Presidency. Though she has claimed that she remains focused on being re-elected in 2022, she has visited key states in the presidential race. They include Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Though Noem and Ravnsborg are both from the GOP, they are rivals after the latter was forced to resign after a fatal road accident. Democrats have also demanded an inquiry into the conduct of Governor Noem regarding her daughter’s appraiser application.