Five-year-old Daughter of Two Detroit Emergency Responders Dies After Contracting Coronavirus and Spending Two Weeks on a Ventilator

Skylar Herbert, a five-year-old from Michigan who had complained of a month-long headache, lost her battle against the novel coronavirus and breathed her last after being on the ventilator for two weeks.

Reportedly, Skylar, the first responders’ daughter tested positive for the virus in March but later started suffering from swelling of the brain and a rare type of meningitis.

Skylar’s mother said that towards the end, the doctors declared her daughter to be brain dead.

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Parents Ebbie and LaVondria Herbert said that they were uncertain as to where their daughter had contracted the virus.

Reportedly, Skylar was taken to the hospital first on 23 March to get her headache checked up which had been around for a month and wasn’t relieved by medicines. Although she was diagnosed with strep throat, Skylar was sent home with antibiotics. 

However, as the headache continued to stay, Ebbie decided to get her checked in Beaumont Royal Oak where she tested positive for the virus.

Although she was released after a day, soon she had a seizure and was admitted to the hospital where she died.

According to Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services, before Skylar,  the youngest person to die from nCOV was 20.