Liz Harris Violated Basic Rules At The House

Liz Harris

With her behavior, she has made everyone around her uncomfortable. Liz Harris immediately needed to be expelled from the House of Representatives in Arizona. She was elected in November and has done enough damage per se. She behaved not in the way she was supposed to. Her behavior brought shame to the house and to the party.

The Majority Voted For Liz Harris To Be Removed From The Elected Position

Harris supposedly invited conspiracy theorists to publicly testify before lawmakers. This stunt was extremely stupid. This brought nothing but shame to her and to the house perhaps. Other Republican leaders at the house voted for her expulsion.

However, only thirteen members of the house have opposed this decision of removing Liz Harris. Another Republican member voted for the expulsion of Harris. Arizona representative, Lupe Diaz commented on the matter. Lupe Diaz said the house needs integrity and institution. This vote perhaps shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Representative Alex Kolodin also said Liz Harris forgot to keep her place in the house. In order to keep the public trust and confidence in the house members. The vote is necessary and Liz Harris should be removed immediately.

People must not lose their faith in legislation. If keeping it intact means removing Liz Harris that is acceptable. There is no guarantee she won’t bring harm in the future.

When the decision was made someone perhaps off-camera yelled Shame on you. Anticipated it was directed to Liz Harris. Some of the democrats of Arizona are also disgusted by Harris’s behavior. They said they are not aware of what happened, however, this is not how politics is done. The political space cannot be tangled with any kind of nasty false allegations.