Gavin Newsom Has Started Campaigning With The POTUS

Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom finally called upon his trump card, President Joe Biden, on Tuesday to help him out. This was his final bid to win over the voters in the state of California for the recall election which would see him either being recalled, or a new Governor elected.

In such a precarious condition, the California Democrats asked President Joe Biden for a strong coda that would convince the voters to keep the Governor in office. The two Democrats initially surveyed the damage caused by the Caldor Fire in Northern California before they moved to Long Beach for a rally in a day that was highlighted to show the strong ties that the Governor had with the White House. 

Gavin Newsom’s Trump Card: Joe Biden

About Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom stated that they weren’t sparring partners but colleagues. The visit of the President to the state of California took place five days after Kamala Harris, the Vice President, campaigned with him in her native East Bay. This has been seen as a major effort by the dominant party in the state to overcome a recall effort by the Republicans, whilst upstaging a multitude of replacement candidates that are vying for attention. 

The POTUS’s itinerary was quite interesting. First, he approved a major disaster declaration that would be able to provide vital federal assistance to California to overcome the Caldor Fire. After that, he met up with Gavin Newsom and the other officials at the Office of Emergency Services in the capital, Sacramento, before he toured the burning areas. 

He then quipped at the former President who had claimed that the forest fire a year back was simply a result of forest mismanagement and not global warming. Interestingly, this was something Gavin Newsom had spoken to Trump about, but instead of outrightly alienating the President, he had gone for a more diplomatic approach