Florida Covid Records- A Mass Hysteria According To DeSantis

Florida Covid Records
Florida Covid Records

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, has blamed the Biden administration for the Florida Covid Records- one that has shattered all of the previous statistics. The Governor has further stated that the administration is also guilty of spreading hysteria which other state leaders have allowed to infiltrate in their states.

With other states encouraging mitigating measures against the coronavirus, DeSantis believes that they are unnecessary, and completely unfounded- as they have little basis in sound science. 

Florida Covid Records Has Transformed Treatment Methods

In his first news conference on Monday after Florida Covid Records made the news, DeSantis spoke about how in terms of Florida, other states have been letting hysteria govern their legislation and rules- something he believes has been damaging the entire state. He has also been ruing the fact that people are actually listening and giving in to the mass hysteria.

Interestingly, he has conveniently forgotten about his own state breaking all records of Covid afflicted citizens. He believes that closing schools and other such practices shouldn’t be the norm- that’s not the way to deal with this. 

Ron DeSantis has always been a major promoter of monoclonal antibodies- something the former President credited. This would have been the case, if Florida Covid Records didn’t shatter both the history books, as well as the theory for this treatment to work, as it is even less effective against the Omicron variant. DeSantis stated that the administration is more concerned about what would be happening with the supply being taken back of monoclonal antibodies. 

The treatments through monoclonal antibodies had turned into quite an integral weapon in warding off hospitalization in high-risk infections- but several hospitals have stopped the process due to staggering Florida Covid Records.