Ron DeSantis Blames Biden Administration Amidst Rise In Cases In Florida

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Rep. Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida pointed his finger at the administration of Joe Biden, US President for the rise of Coronavirus cases in Florida. He also accused many other leaders of the state of allowing a reign of hysteria.

Ron DeSantis also stated that they are encouraging mitigation measures that have no logical and scientific basis of proving to be effective against Covid-19. He also stated that other states and their leaders are letting hysteria into their territory which is making people do damaging things. 

Ron DeSantis Claims Monoclonal Antibodies Is Effective Against Covid-19

On Monday, Ron DeSantis said that he thought Americans have learned from the lessons. This news conference was his first in weeks after Covid-19 numbers broke records last month. According to DeSantis, schools should not have been kept shut because that is not the ideal way to deal with the virus.

Since Donald Trump, former US President, credited DeSantis’ treatment, he has been routinely promoting monoclonal antibodies. According to Ron DeSantis, monoclonal antibodies are proven to be very effective against Omicron patients. He has actually witnessed that the symptoms have completely resolved after the administration of monoclonal antibodies. 

However, many hospitals have been cutting treatments across the country claiming that 2 out of 3 antibodies have failed to offer an effective shield against Omicron, a highly contagious strain of Coronavirus.

On Monday, Ron DeSantis claimed that the initial decision of the administration to prevent shipments of Eli Lilly and Regeneron treatments has been primarily based upon an important preliminary study. Ron DeSantis claims that this preliminary study has found that the monoclonal antibody treatment won’t be as effective against the new Coronavirus strain called Omicron.