Economy And Hospitality: What Is Hotel Rate Parity (HRP) And Why Does It Matter

Hotel Rate Parity HRP
Hotel Rate Parity HRP

When hotel rates are the same on a hotel’s website and other hotel booking websites, this is known as parity. This may seem like a small detail but it is actually very important. This ensures that all hotel rooms are offered at the same price to consumers instead of one hotel website offering certain hotels for more money than others.

What Is Hotel Rate Parity (HRP)?

This is the practice of matching the prices on hotel websites with those offered by third-party providers. A huge advantage of rate parity is the hotel’s ability to drop prices when there are no rooms available on their website. It is also known as “online travel agency parity” or OTA Parity, which means that hoteliers have to keep up with what hotel websites offer so they can avoid being left behind in terms of sales.

Given how many people research and book hotel rooms online, it is important for hoteliers to have a strong presence on sites such as Expedia and in order to retain their share of the market.

It Can Help With Tons Of Processes

There are a lot of processes that are made easier when helping with HRP. For example, there is a lot of room for error if you are working on your own and not using the help of an automated system. One small mistake could cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue! When it comes to helping with tons of processes as a reason this HRP matters, automation can be a lifesaver because all that has to happen in one click from being implemented into the entire business process.

Another benefit about this software service provider helping with hotel parity? You have access 24/seven! If any questions come up at odd hours or during peak times, customer support will always assist so no following-up needs to be done by management staff which allows them more time for other tasks.

Here are the processes it can help you with:

  • booking
  • inventory management
  • guest services
  • marketing
  • customer retention
  • sales analysis and reporting
  • human resource planning.


As you can see, helping with tons of processes is an economical way to get things done in the hospitality industry! HRP helps complete tasks swiftly while helping save money for your company’s bottom line on a monthly basis. That’s why it matters so much that this software service provider has all these benefits available to businesses like yours!

Keeping Customers Happy

One of the biggest advantages of keeping HRP is keeping customers happy. When a customer knows that they can get the same room, at the same price, no matter which hotel they choose, it makes them more likely to book with you instead of your competitors. This allows you to keep their business and maintain a strong relationship with them. Plus, if they’re ever in need of a room again in the future, they’ll be much more likely to come back to you rather than search for a new hotel.

Happy customers are important for any business, but especially those in the hospitality industry. Maintaining it helps ensure that your customers remain happy and satisfied with your services, and that’s something everyone involved should be striving for. So the next time you’re considering changing your rates, think twice and remember the importance of keeping HRP. It can make a big difference for both your business and your customers.

Keep in mind that keeping HRP is not only important for your customers, but it’s also beneficial for you and your business. When customers know they can get the same great deal at any of your locations, they’re more likely to book with you instead of searching for a new hotel.

This allows you to maintain a strong relationship with them and keep their business. Plus, if they ever need a room again in the future, they’ll be much more likely to come back to you rather than search for a new hotel.

An Online Booking Engine

Booking has never been easier than online. With many people preferring to book online, it is important for hotels to have their rates readily available on an online booking engine so they can compete against other online hotel reservations or OTAs (online travel agencies). If you are not listed on the major online booking engines, then your business will risk losing out on potential customers who may be searching for a place to stay.

The concept of it was created in order to protect consumers from discriminatory pricing practices that were occurring between online and offline travel sites.

This System Accepts All Credit Cards And Digital Currencies

One huge advantage of HRP is the fact that the system accepting all credit cards and digital currencies has the ability to accept different types of payment other than cash. Guests can use their debit or credit card, room charge, travel insurance claim form (for the purposes of paying for the damages), etc. while traveling.

The HRP ensures that guests do not pay more for a product than if they had bought the same item outside the hotels’ boundaries at local retail prices in another store. The term ‘parity’ is used in the sense that the product or service is being offered at the same price, regardless of the location.

This makes it difficult for a business to charge different prices for the same product or service in different parts of the country (or world).

Managing Finances

This system actually manages finances. In other words, it reduces costs while managing expenses and increasing revenue at the same time. Many companies have an annual budget to follow when managing finances in a city because of the city’s standard price range for rooms or suites that can be booked through a travel agency online booking system.

The company may also choose not to stay within their budget if they think there is more money to gain from staying outside it! This depends on how much business has been conducted throughout the year already and whether or not additional income would help with maintaining good financial standings overall. If so, then the managers will find themselves booking hotels in cities where rates are higher than usual which helps them save even more money later on down the road.

HRP is a huge help for your business because it helps you out with tons of processes. It makes booking simpler and safer bringing more satisfied customers. It’s a system that accepts all sorts of legit payments and helps you with managing finances. Parity is the best way to reorganize your business for the better!