Bernie Sanders Gets Involved In The California Recall Elections

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the senator of the United States of America belonging to the Democratic party, is involving himself in the recall election that is to take place in the state of California. It can also be said that he has been enlisted by Gavin Newsom, the governor of California belonging to the Democratic Party. The main role taken up by the senator is to warn people of the consequences that they might be facing in case they chose a Republican as their governor. 

Bernie Sanders’ Views

Bernie Sanders is here to help the current governor, Gavin Newsom, remain in power. He has begun with his role to try to convince all the voters to not let a Republican come out victorious in the recall election that is soon to take place. The team of the current Democratic governor has released a counter-effort known as “Stop the Republican Recall.” It was released on the 30th of August that fell on a Monday. The program involves the Vermont-based Democratic senator, Bernie Sanders.

The 79-year-old independent politician gave a statement hinting to the voters whom to choose as their governor. He claimed that currently, the officials of the country were trying their best to tackle the problems of the immigration crisis, health care, and climate change. And so in order to materialize these aims, it was absolutely necessary for the public to choose the right politician.

Someone who shared similar beliefs and was not a right-wing politician. The involvement of Senator Bernie Sanders in the recall election of California only proves the fact that the team members of Governor Gavin Newsom are not in a very calm state of mind. The recall election is to take place on the 14th of the month of September.

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