Foster Moreau Of Raiders Is Hanging Up His Boots After Lymphoma Diagnosis of Hodgkin

Foster Moreau — Washington Football Team at Las Vegas Raiders from Allegiant Stadium, December 5th, 2021 (All-Pro Reels Photography)

Foster Moreau, the free agent of Raiders has decided to hang up his boots and enjoy his retirement life. Foster Moreau on Wednesday revealed that he is going to step aside from football after the lymphoma diagnosis. In his social media post, the former player said that he only found out about his condition recently while conducting a physical check up with the medical stuff of New Orleans Saints.

Moreau in his tweet said that the twenty-five years old has experienced a lot of life-changing events in this free agency period. During his routine physical checkup with professional medical staffs at the Saints, he realized that he has this Hodgkin’s lymphoma condition. After this diagnosis the player decided to go away from football. He said that now he will be focusing on fighting against a completely new opponent. He said that he is immensely grateful to his fans and people who have supported him in these tough times.

Foster Moreau Retired From Football

As per the Cancer Society, this is a type of cancer that starts affecting the white blood cells, and thus starts of with attacking the immune system of your body. It is known that the most common age to get diagnosed with this cancer is early adulthood. However, it has a huge survival rate of eighty-nine percent as well.

Foster Moreau was drafted by Raiders back in 2019 in the 4th round. Since then he has been a crucial part of the passing attack of the Raiders. This last season, Foster alone has got most receptions in his career. Foster Moreau has 12 tds, and 91 catches for 1107 yards.

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