Austin Reaves Leave His Marks On Lakers History

Austin Reaves

The twenty-four year old guard is doing wonders for the Lakers. Despite having a promising trade deadline day overhaul, Lebron James’ injury had almost sent the team back to the dark days they has been suffering in the league. However, Austin Reaves, their point guard is currently on a blistering scoring form and he is trying his best to reduce the load out of James’ head till he returns in his full form.

Austin Reaves, the twenty-four years old guard is showing why he is as crucial part of the team as LeBron James is. He has been a crucial part of the Lakers win on Wednesday night. The team won 122 to 111 against the Phoenix Suns and Austin Reaves has left his mark in the game as well.

After entering the court from the bench in the last eighteen games, Austin Reaves is now getting his chances as a starter in the game. Reaves from the very first minute proved why he can be an indispensible part of the Lakers squad this season.

Austin Reaves Is In Form Of His Dreams

As per the stats and info, Austin Reaves is now the first Lakers player who has an average of thirty points in each game over a two game span in the modern era of NBA. The player has recorded thirty-nine minutes of action as he dropped twenty-five points with four rebounds and eleven assists.

Even though these stats look a lot like cherry-picked stats, the player is making the fans very happy. The player got praises from legends of the game like LeBron for his amazing intangibles and energy. He is slowly taking the main stage, and even if it is two soon, Lakers fans are jumping in joy with each balls he get in the court.