Ronda Nassib Embodies The Outrage Of Parents Over Race And Education

Ronda Nassib

As Ronda Nassib took up the issues of the school curriculum, critical race theory, and COVID mandates, they succeeded in sparking a movement that has far-reaching implications. She along with other activists from Virginia confronted the school administration that was in part responsible for turning Virginia over to the Republicans.

Parents came in from far-flung states, including Florida, Texas, and Arizona to Washington. They were there partially to hear Ronda Nassib and various other members of Fight for Schools.

Parents wee outages over issues close to their hearts that were affecting their families, especially their children. And the likes of Ronda Nassib wanted to channelize the hurt over the issues of education the COVID mandates, and critical race into a political movement.

Republicans Have Latched Onto The Outrage Of The Likes Of Ronda Nassib

These issues have largely helped Glenn Youngkin in the gubernatorial election in Virginia, turning the state red. Ronda Nassib says that other parents were there for an identical cause as she stressed that parents would never be silenced when it concerns their children’s upbringing and education.

Fight For Schools was started by parents such as Ronda Nassib concerned that the stress on racial equity could take away the focus from education. Other issues also came abroad including the safety of students following an incidence of sexual assault inside a school’s restroom, concerns that board members of schools were violating meeting laws.

The COVID mandates also became an issue of concern for Ronda Nassib and her ilk. She had joined earlier when she was distraught that books in the school course were too explicit and unsuitable for children.

The Fight For Schools members including Ronda Nassib came out in strong numbers at board meetings, filed for relevant documents. Their activities pulled attention and the media and Youngkin began noticing them.

Youngkin managed to channelize this parental outrage in various Virginia counties and has become a nationwide issue for the Republicans. Education is now firmly on the ballot in the 2022 election as evident in House leader for the Republicans, Kevin McCarthy declaring that there would be a bill of parental rights.