Fourth Stimulus Check Worth $850 Expected In June: Check If You Are Eligible

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The stimulus check initiative is set to roll again for some lucky residents of Maine. An $850 stimulus check is in the works and residents should be receiving their payment as early as June.

Maine Governor Mills has already signed the bill turning the $1.2B budget into law. This stimulus check is one of several initiatives. There is an $850 stimulus check for eligible residents of the state, while an average household will get up to a $1,700 relief check.

Close to 858,000 residents of Maine are expected to benefit from the state check.

Eligibility Criteria For The Maine Stimulus Check

The check will go out to those residents of Maine who file a tax return for 2021 by the last day of October. Those eligible for the stimulus check must file a federal AGI of below $100,000 if they file single and double that if they are married, and file jointly. For household heads, it comes to $150,000.

The notable thing about the Maine check is that it comes totally from the budget surplus and has received near-total endorsement from the legislature of Maine.

The Maine stimulus check will return around half of the $729.3M budget surplus to residents who continue to be in the grip of the pandemic-induced economic downturn.

And this is not the only check announced by the state administration. Low and middle-income families in Maine can also be eligible for $1,400 in extra relief in taxes this season under various tax programs. They include the Homestead Exemption Program, the Property Tax Fairness Credit, the Fairness Credit For Sales Tax, and the Property Fairness Credit.

While President Biden’s hands are tied by the upper Congress when it comes to further checks, he has the power to do one important from, to forgive student loan debts that will haunt many students for a lifetime.

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