State Stimulus Check: More States Join The List Of Those Supporting Their Residents In The Economic Downturn

Tax Package Stimulus Check

While the federal stimulus check was meant for all earning below a stipulated amount, getting a state check is a turn of luck. And geography has a big role to play in the chances of the person getting a stimulus check.

The federal checks, including the Child Tax Credit payments only the basic income criteria, have become a thing of the past. And individual state governments have moved in to fill some void created by the exit of the federal government.

Individual state governments have pitched in with stimulus checks that range from gas rebates to relief checks, to stimulus checks for opting to work in the state.

Another issue that has helped the states to move ahead with such ambitious programs is the federal pandemic support payments that run into billions of dollars. Some states have also been saddled with a budget surplus which they want to return to the rightful owners of the state, its residents.

Each State Has Come Up With Its Version Of The Stimulus Check

California was the first off the mark with the state stimulus check and they have continued with the trend. At present, the state is preparing for a gas check under which a $400 check will go to the owner of every car and the limit is two cars per family.

Georgia is handing out a tax rebate of $250 for individual taxpayers, with $500 going out to married couples who file jointly. A $375 check is for heads of households.

Idaho has gone for a  tax rebate coming directly through either a stimulus check or a direct deposit. It will be higher by $75 or 12% of the state tax for 2020.

While Indiana has gone for a one-time refund of $125, Kansas is debating either totally getting rid of or reducing the grocery tax levied by the state.

Kentucky is also mulling a one-off state stimulus check of $500 for individuals and double that to households.