Frances Haugen Accuses Facebook Of Violence & Misinformation

Frances Haugen
Frances Haugen

Frances Haugen was a previous employee at Facebook She quit her job in the month of May. Since then, she has been a constant headache for the Facebook authority. Ever since she left her job, Haugen has been spilling out the dirty secrets of Facebook. There is already a common belief that Facebook secretly promotes communal hatred.

This rumor has gained great momentum with the claims made by Frances Haugen. Facebook has recently suffered a huge faceloss when it reported a breach of privacy. Data of thousands of people were taken by a third party. Many users had their accounts hacked. Haugen has shockingly claimed that Facebook secretly promotes violence. Let us find out more about the development below.

Frances Haugen Accuses Facebook Heavily 

The authorities of the leading social media brand have been searching for their whistleblower. Finally, it was time for Haugen to reveal her publicly. Being a former employee at Facebook, she got to know a lot of secrets about the company. She posted detailed research that establishes shocking facts. Her research shows that the social media platform promotes hatred, violence, and political agitation. However, the organization does not talk about these operations and prefers to keep quiet. 

Frances also said that Instagram was a platform that was very much harmful to teenage girls. Frances is a data analyst by profession. She is currently thirty-seven years old and resides in Iowa. Frances Haugen has expertise in Computer Engineering and also boasts a degree from Havard. 

Frances Haugen’s research was published initially in the journal of Wall Street. That was when she first spoke about the darkness of social media. After hiding her identity for a long time, Haugen decided to come out and reveal herself to the world. 

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