Morgan Wallen Looks Forward To Work With Kendrick Lamar

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen

The number 1 rap song across the United States right now belongs to Morgan Wallen. It is striking since Wallen had been banned by the CMA Awards sometime back. 

Morgan Wallen had recently collaborated with Lil Durk and their song, ‘Broadway Girls’ had become the number 1 song on the hip-hop or Billboard R&B chart. Wallen has further mentioned that he has a great interest in collaborating with none other than, Kendrick Lamar. 

Future Aim Of Morgan Wallen 

Morgan Wallen explicitly stated that he would be thrilled to work with Kendrick Lamar. This prospect had emerged in a recent interview that took place on a social audio clubhouse platform. On this platform, Druski, the black comedian questioned Wallen about his choice of hip-hop artist for future collaboration. 

Let’s not forget that Wallen had been mired in controversy. Wallen stated that Tennesseean Moneybagg is the leading artist on his list but he settled for Kendrick Lamar who he considers to be very cool. 

He further said that his personal playlist mostly consists of hip-hop music and Moneybagg is definitely his favorite. He also listens to Young Dolph’s music a lot. He also loved Drake’s recent album that was released. Lately, he has listened to Kanye West and Gunna, both of whom he liked. 

Regarding his latest track with Lil Durk, Wallen informed that the rapper had commented on a particular post on Instagram. That is where they both came together and developed a strong and supportive friendship. 

Wallen further added that he was initially unsure about their collaboration but the rapper welcomed him and the album churned out easily. They both were super excited about their album. 

Wallen had been in the midst of a racial controversy where he supposedly used some racial slur. Following this incident, he was dropped from many radio stations along with Big Loud, his label.