Facebook Suffers Extended Outage


Facebook is an integral part of our lives. Our dependence on these platforms is such, we cannot imagine a minute without them. However, that is exactly what happened to most of us yesterday. The social platforms suddenly went blank and people were utterly confused by the outage. Most people’s initial reaction was that something must be wrong with the internet. 

Later on, it was revealed that all the platforms owned by Facebook have crashed. This created a lot of problems for the people. Three of the most engaging sites, Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram went blank for almost seven hours. Facebook authorities have come out with an apology instantly. They followed it up by mentioning the cause of the unwanted disruption. 

Facebook Restores Service After Going Off For Seven Hours 

The authorities were happy to announce that they have successfully restored normalcy. After what seemed like an eternity, all three major social platforms were on. Reports from the organization have cleared the air on what exactly happened. It was said that a change in configuration on the routers has caused the disruption. 

The routers were the backbone that coordinated the traffic in the network. The sudden reconfiguration caused it to come to a screeching halt. This led to the main site crashing, in turn plunging the world into social darkness. 

Following the outage, a lot of rumors have surfaced. Some people have stated that the outage might have affected personal data. The social media giants clarified that no user data has been leaked during the entirety of the outage. According to reports, the problem started at around 11 am Eastern Time. That is when a large number of people started reporting about the blackout. As a result of this disruption, shares of Facebook went down by 5percent.