Fred Hurt Star Of Gold Rush Dies At 80

Fred Hurt

American reality show star Fred Hurt has died at the age of 80. Fred Hurt was suffering from stage-4 of brain carcinoma. His family announced his death on his Facebook page. It is informed that Hurt had faced his disease very positively and at the time of his demise the members of his family were around him. Dakota Fred Hurt declared his diagnosis to his fans four months ago. Fred Hurt used to conduct the show called Gold Rush which influenced many. Hurt had taken older people in his team.

Over the years the Fred Gold Rush show has gone through many rough patches. He had to go through many unexpected troubles. In his interview with Fox News Digital, Hurt had mentioned these difficulties. He said that he was facing a problem with the supply of his equipment which were needed to run the show. Hurt had said that he was procuring those materials from hardware shops. Another problem he faced was the fluctuating price of fuel. Which took the cost of production unpredictably high at times. 

Mike Rowe Works Foundation In Honor Of Fred Hurt

A foundation is launched in memory of Fred Hurt and people who want to contribute are requested to donate in honor of the deceased presenter of the television show Gold Rush. Hurt supported the cause of teaching people of the many useful experiences to help them. Mike Rowe foundation will continue to use the raised fund to continue the work of Hurt. Hurt started his life as a gold prospector. Hurt influenced many people by his daring nature and tracking gold throughout his life made people interested about his work. In the TV show Gold Rush of Discovery channel Fred Hurt and his son Dustin hurt searched for gold in the white water creeks of Alaska.