Stimulus Check Update: These States Are Offering $989 Million In Funds

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

In spite of the fact that several Americans were already on the brink of financial ruin before the epidemic, the spread of the disease made matters far worse for a great number of them.

In the first weeks after the outbreak’s onset, several jobs were lost when non-essential companies closed their doors. People who lost their jobs but did not have any emergency funds to cover basic living costs, such rent and utilities, fell behind quickly.

Utility companies back then were more open to working with clients who were having financial difficulties. And to protect renters from being evicted for nonpayment of rent, a nationwide prohibition on evictions was enacted.

Although, at this point in time, energy suppliers may not be as flexible, and the government restriction on evictions has long since lapsed. The news is not good.

But the good news is that many states are still receiving stimulus checks under the Federal Emergency Rental Program, so they may expand access to rent relief money.

And Georgia belongs to such states.

It has just received $989 million in government stimulus check funds to assist low-income renters in paying their back rent and maintaining occupancy.

More Stimulus Checks Are On The Way

A new initiative in Georgia may assist renters in becoming current on overdue utility and/or rent payments. This infusion of $989 million stimulus check funds from the federal government is timely and much-needed.

Sixty percent of Savannah’s renters are struggling to make ends meet because of their rent. That’s why Georgians who are still having trouble paying their rent or energy bills should consider applying for assistance.

The funds, if granted, may be used to pay for up to 18 months of rent and utilities. Money from the stimulus packages is sent straight to the landlords and utility companies from whom the recipients have debts.