Friendship Is Valuable To Dorit Kemsley

dorit kemsley

The real housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley finally forgave her longtime friend. She hasn’t been on talking terms with her old pal Erika Jayne. They have been friends for more than seven years before she was offended by her comments. She overstepped her boundaries. Kemsley felt highly disrespected by those comments. During Bravocon 2022, last year they engaged in a cold war.

Erika Jayne forgot where she was standing and about who she was making all those comments.

Dorit Kemsley’s Friends Were Ashamed Of Her Comments

Dorit Kemsley at first couldn’t forgive Erika Jayne. However, given their long years of friendship. Erika Jayne commented on Kemsley and her husband’s relationship. She perhaps predicted the future of them splitting soon. It was disrespectful on Kemsleys’ part. Other members of the RHOBH were shocked by this comment.

Later she apologized to both of them. Dorit Kemsley also mentioned how she and her husband are now stronger. They do all the fun activities together. Where they live, marriage is a huge part of the society there. They also have a son and daughter.

Kemsley forgave Erika Jayne. And Jayne also shared they have come a long way. She made a mistake. She was ashamed of that. 

Dorit and PK Kemsley have been married for the last eight years.

They did go through a rough patch. However, it was not for Erika Jayne to comment on such a thing. She was wishing a heartbreak on her friend. Although she was quite relieved after reconciliation with Kemsley.

Kemsley and PK maintain a solid ground of trust and transparency.

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