Dorit Kemsley Speaks Up About Terrifying Home Invasion: ‘Real Housewife’ Star Feels Blessed To Be Safe

Dorit Kemsley
Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley admitted to having gone through a terrifying ordeal when her home was invaded when she and her children were at home. She was thankful that no one suffered any physical harm.

The report of the burglary was confirmed by the LAPD.  They noted that the burglary at Dorit Kemsley’s hour occurred at around 10:50 on the night of October 27. An unknown value of products was burgled by 3 male suspects.

In a post on Instagram, she wrote that it was an ordeal no parent should have to go through. She was thankful for the overwhelming support and love from all. Dorit Kemsley was thankful that her children were unaware of the burglary and slept through the whole ordeal.

She thanked God for protecting her and her family. Dorit Kemsley requested fans to give her privacy during these difficult times as she, with her family, went through the healing process.

Dorit Kemsley Has Immersed Herself In Her Work To Hasten The Healing Process

She said that her family needed to heal at the earliest. She informed all that she had plunged back into work to speed up the healing process.

Dorit Kemsley thanked her incredible family, including her husband, fans, followers, and friends. She said that the correct thing was to get through the traumatic period and leave it quickly behind.  

Finally, she thanked the LAPD for their attention and care. She repeated that she was most thankful for the safety of her children and family. She was incredibly appreciative of the support and love she got from her fans and well-wishers.

 Dorit Kemsley’s husband, Paul, echoed her gratitude. He shared a picture of his wife and their children while thanking his followers for their outpouring of love and support while informing them that they were safe.

The couple bought their 7-bedroom, 9,000-sq.-ft. home for $6.475 million and has been living here since 2019. The burglars smashed a glass door to gain access.  

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