Allegations Of Predatory Behavior On Kris Wu Lead To Brands Cutting Ties 

kris wu
kris wu

Kris Wu is undoubtedly valuable in China, but some controversies have arisen on social media regarding his personal life. Kris Wu serves as the model for Bulgari, Lancome, Louis Vuitton, Porsche, and even Tencent Video, in China. He is accused of targeting underage girls for sex as quoted by a young woman who allegedly dated Wu. 

As soon as Kris’ news became viral, Kans announced the termination of Wu’s contract via Weibo. Liby followed the same on Monday. Vatti and Porshe deleted all their posts on Weibo that had mentioned Kris Wu. Louis Vuitton hid all their posts bearing Wu’s image but later unhid them. Lancome and Bulgari chose to keep things the way they were.

Kris Wu’s Denial Of All The Accusations

Du Meizhu,19, accused Wu of infidelity on 8th July and shared images of conversations between underage girls and Wu, over Weibo. Wu was also accused of keeping a WeChat account, just to get in touch with the young girls, giving the false image of recruitment or casting. Du believes that she might also be his underage conquest.

Wu denied all the allegations and announced that he will file a lawsuit for defamation. Du Meizhu did not receive a summon but a proposal to settle everything with money. Du uploaded all the chats of her negotiations and believes that this was a trap placed by Wu’s representatives. She also shared a video where she received 500,000 renminbi from Yi Fan and Wu Stacy. Du had returned the money to Wu and was prepared for legal proceedings.

Kris Wu responded by going on Weibo and expressing his feelings about such rumors. He mentioned that there were no such incidents as described by Du and that he had only met Du once on 5 Dec 2020. He believes that many people can be called on as witnesses as they were present on that exact date. If such incidents were proven, as described by Du, then Wu would willingly go to prison.