The Cleopatra Movie, According To Gal Gadot, Will “Change the Narrative” About The Queen “Being Only A Seductress”

Gal Gadot

In her new film, Gal Gadot hopes to alter how audiences view Cleopatra. Gal Gadot, 38, revealed in an interview for Vogue Hong Kong’s July edition that she has grown up knowing the historical ruler Cleopatra as this common name in her home Israel, which falls on the Egyptian border. Gal Gadot was speaking about her new Netflix film Heart of Stone.

The actress remarked that if her DC character, Wonder Woman has been the imagined strong feminine leader, Cleopatra is the one in reality. It is the perfect illustration of a tale she wants to tell, stated Gal Gadot after starting to read many books on Cleopatra and realizing how intriguing they were.

Gal Gadot Is Guided By Her Strong Desire To Share The Story Of The Great Queen

Cleopatra was always portrayed in movies as a seductive lady who had affairs with Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar, the speaker said. According to Gadot, Cleopatra was “so ahead of her time.” She was the last member of the Ptolemaic dynasty to rule Egypt apart from being a decedent of Ptolemy, a Macedonian general who fought under Alexander the Great.

Egypt and what it had been at the time was still far-reaching compared to what it is now. The actress, whose future film hasn’t yet begun production, added, “I can’t say anything. However, I’m driven by a strong desire to share her tale and honor her character and legacy.

After the 2020 movie’s initial announcement, Gadot faced some criticism that her choice to play Cleopatra was “whitewashing,” but she pointed out at the time that the ancient Egyptian queen was really of Macedonian heritage. IMDb credits Gadot and her husband Jaron Varsano with writing the movie’s script and serving as producers, and she stated as much to BBC Arabic at the time. “We were looking for a Macedonian actress that could fit Cleopatra,” Gadot said. I was quite enthusiastic about Cleopatra, but she wasn’t there.