Use Your Gas Stimulus Check To Make A Killing In The Stock Market

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Stimulus Check

The Russian have messed up the oil and natural gas market and the repercussion has been felt with gas prices touching $6 within a few weeks in several states. It has prompted the federal and state administrations to come up with stimulus checks to help citizens out of this crisis.

The Governor of California has plans to allot $400 for every vehicle registered in the Golden State, limited to 2 cars per family. And the state is not alone in coming up with plans to send stimulus checks.

If you are lucky enough to get a gas stimulus check to counter rising prices and are sure that you won’t need it for immediate household expenses, the best thing you can do is invest it in the stock market on one particular stock.

Investing The Gas Stimulus Check In One Particular Stock

One particularly high-profile stock that has plummeted for no obvious reason is Pinterest. This stock is down 71% and buying it could be your best decision this year on the investment front.

This image-centered social media app has seen its subscribers rise dramatically over the internet as all social media and conference stocks appreciated dramatically.

Pinterest also saw a surge in revenues from $476M t $1.1B between 2017 and 2019. By 2021, it again doubled to reach $2.6B. But its revenues are a fraction of what advertisers spent last year; a whopping $763B.

The prospect looks bright for the stock if they can strategize their strengths and get more subscribers onto their platform. They have to face strong competition from Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

The company has lost 55M monthly users, thus facing losses for 3 quarters in a row. But its management has come up with several new initiatives that include a personalized shopping space.

At the current price, the stock price of Pinterest is a steal, as it is 71% down from its peak. At the price-free cash flow ratio of 23, this is the right time and place to invest your gas stimulus check. But do your research before you jump in.