News About Russia And Ukraine On 29th March


A satellite photo portrays that the whole city of Mariupol which is a part of Ukraine has been destroyed at such a level that has never been seen in Ukraine. These satellite pictures have been taken by Maxar Technologies because communication with the people of that city has been completely cut off. 

Satellite Image Showed Destruction Of Mariupol By Russia

This was the first visual image that came several days after the lack of communication and it was picked up by NASA with the help of their sensory satellite. The image clearly showed that numerous explosions took place in both the inner and outer city. A drama theater was situated east of the city which was also bombed by Russia causing the death of approximately 300 citizens. The drama theater is now just a ruin and the majority of the roofs of houses and other buildings are missing from the explosion.  

The east part of Mariupol has suffered equally from the bombings as residential areas present there are obliterated. All the residential buildings consisting of two individual complexes are a mess. Moreover, another huge complex in southeast Mariupol has been destroyed on the grounds by a Russian explosion. It has been reported continuously by CNN that troops of Russia are quite active in this part of the city. 

The pictures that came via satellite also portrayed evidence of survivors in the city. There are images of many survivors who have gathered outside the supermarket of Metro in the western part of Mariupol. In the views of the Mayor of Mariupol, there are still 160,000 citizens in the city. 

There are military officials of Russia in the northeast of Mariupol where they have parked their vehicles near some houses. The satellite picture also portrayed towed artillery outside those houses.

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