Gas Tax Is Not Included In The Infrastructure Plan Along With The Mileage Tax

Gas Tax
Gas Tax

Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of the department of transportation gave a statement with regard to the economic plan of the country that is formulated by President Joe Biden. It was stated that the plan does not talk about the mileage tax or gas tax anywhere. Earlier, a date was announced on which the first plan of the plan is to be revealed. It is to be revealed this coming Wednesday. Part 1 of the plan talks about the physical infrastructure.

Gas Tax And Mileage Tax, Free From The Payments

The statement of Buttigieg on the platform of a popular new channel. The statement came as a reply when he was asked about the details of the gas tax and the mileage tax. He was asked if the tax collected from mileage has any role in making the payment for the plan. It is to be noted that the mileage tax is charged on the basis of the number of miles that are driven. The transportation secretary also approved the fact that the gas tax was also not a part of the first half of the American Rescue Plan.

Following this statement, Pete Buttigieg also re-approved the promise of President Biden when it came to raising the taxes. The secretary claimed the fact that those citizens of America having an income of less than the amount of400,000 USD, would not be victims of tax increases. 

Pere Buttigieg denying the presence of gas tax and mileage tax into the funding of the proposal of infrastructure is contradictory to his comments from last Friday. Earlier, he had pointed towards the possibility of the inclusion of the taxes. 

The secretary further spoke on the gas tax stating that if there are any chances of doing the taxes in a way that does not affect the middle class, then it will be considered. However, that is not a long-term solution.