What’s Cooking With Blockbuster?


In 2010 after the bankruptcy the brand was shut down all over America. Before DVDs and Netflix, there was Blockbuster. The 80s and 90s life centered around this. After being completely MIA their website was recently found active. When the news spread the people who are in their late 40s or early 50s jumped with joy. A wave of nostalgia went through their body. They shut down their company officially in 2014. But the rumors need to justify in some way.

Blockbuster Subtly Making Their Into The Business In Gen-Z Era

Blockbuster was the most entertaining place in American history. Renting DVDs and VHS was not easy back then. Netflix didn’t exist neither amazon prime. Blockbuster was majorities dream come true. As the various website started coming into the business Blockbuster started losing its, fan followers. Many noticed their tweet earlier this month and they joked about how they are thinking of transforming the DVDs and VHS into currency. The tweet was retweeted a billion times. Later it was found that Blockbuster’s Twitter account was active.

Many fans shared the tweet recalling old memories of how they used to wait for weekends to go to the store. From renting movies and video games to finding anything just with a search button on Netflix. The 80s kids realized they have grown up. Time flew. The nostalgia hit the now grown-up massively. Brought back good and bad memories.

The chain could teach the new gen-z kids patience, and how their parents used to keep their calm before Friday night. These kids have party night on weekend and the grown-up had Blockbuster night. They used to rent movies and watch them together. This generation will never understand the concept.

But surely if their parents are willing to keep the tradition alive and teach them the importance of the chain. They would definitely cherish them forever. It’s about keeping the chain intact and tradition alive. Blockbuster is a part of history. In 2020 there was a documentary film that showed the tiny details and loopholes of why the chain went down.