Gavin Newsom, The California Governor, Indirectly Reached Out To The Recall Election Campaigners

Gavin Newsom
gavin newsom

The Governor of the state of California, Gavin Newsom, gave an evening speech where he tried to reach out to the victims of the coronavirus pandemic. Not only that but he also talked about the successes of the state in its battle against the coronavirus pandemic. It seemed like the governor from the Democratic party was trying to reach out to the advocates of the recall election as well.

Gavin Newsom Broke A Tradition

This is the third annual speech given out by Governor Gavin Newsom since the year 2019 when he first took the office. And this is the most crucial point of his political career as well. This is because the people of California are going for a recall election owing to their dissatisfaction with the governor. They are not dissatisfied with the governor’s handling of the pandemic that has led the state to suffer. Gavin Newsom had executed his plan of a year-long closure owing to the pandemic.

In the speech that was given by the California governor, he refrained from mentioning the recall election directly. Even if he only alluded to it, this is the first such instance where the governor associated his speech with the recall campaign. Gavin Newsom condemned it by calling it the power grabs of partisan politics.

The Democratic governor went on to discontinue the tradition by giving his speech from the Dodgers Stadium situated in Los Angeles. Traditionally it would be done from the Sacramento state capitol. Gavin Newsom, through his words, also communicated to those electorates who had lost their faith in their state governor.

The 53-year-old governor stated that everybody should start focusing more on the days to come, which was much brighter. He talked about the days when people will be able to do regular things without the fear of any infection.

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