Joe Biden Refrains From Labelling The Relief Checks

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America, will not be following the tradition that was introduced by Donald Trump, the former president of the country. According to tradition, Trump had left the print of his signature on the relief checks that was Congress approved. This was done by him in the year 2020. As opposed to this, Joe Biden refused to do the same with regard to his 1400 USD relief checks. According to sources, the checks will soon be mailed to their recipients.

Joe Biden’s First Legislative Achievement

Jen Psaki, the secretary of the press of the White House, gave a statement following the news. The statement came out this Tuesday. It was claimed that the checks will carry the signature of the Bureau of the Treasury Department official. The department comes under the banner of the Fiscal Service.

The leaders of the Democratic Party of the House spoke on the relief checks. The statement came from them this Tuesday. The Democrats claimed that the 1.9 trillion USD relief bill of president Joe Biden is yet to get approved by Congress. The Covid bill will only be approved after they cast their votes.

The votes will be given by them this Wednesday. The bill of the president includes relief checks for most of the citizens of the United States of America. It was passed on the floor of the Senate after a few changes were introduced to it. In case it succeeds, this will be one of the most significant achievements of president Joe Biden when it comes to the matter of lawmaking.

Jen Psaki, the White House official stated a reason for the decision of Biden to not include his name in the checks. It was because the main motive of the act was to provide the citizens with the checks as soon as possible. As opposed to branding them as something that was given by the president.