Gavin Newsom Has Plans For The Future

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Recently retired Senate Dianne Feinstein, who previously decided to run for reelection in 2024. However, her health didn’t permit her. And she resigned before her term ended. Now Gavin Newsom has some responsibilities to fill her position with someone eligible.

Perhaps Vilma Dawson has some expectations from Governor Gavin. She has given him undivided support. Even when he was on stage preparing for a speech. It was Dawson who applauded the loudest. She does consider herself the one who supported Gavin through multiple elections. Never stepped back. Campaigns were hard as the Republican party was growing in numbers.

Gavin Newsom Is Thinking Of Appoint A Woman Of Color

Vilma Dawson is confident about Gavin Newsom’s decision. She was asked if Newsom would ever appoint a woman of color. Her response was positive. Gavin Newsom has been thinking about this position for a long time.

An African American female is the first choice for this position.

Gavin Newsom has said yes to this question again and again. He has been asked this question continuously two years in a row.

Gavin Newsom and other house members have given Dianne’s health priority. She has been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Due to this condition, she has missed many meetings. Kimberly Ellis has known Gavin Newsom to be a man of his word. And he is likely to keep his word this time as well.

They are all trying to bring the best and most qualified person they know to the position. They are putting their shoulders on the wheel.

Black women are needed at the Senate level. Previously two black women served in the Senate one of them is now vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris.