Capitol Security Bill Worth $2Tn Passed By The US Congress

US Capitol
US Capitol

The capitol police of the United States of America has been granted a total of 2.1 billion USD as a Capitol Security Bill. The money was provided to them by the US House of Representatives as well as the Senate. The main reason behind the said funding was the fact that there was not enough money for the police. And they were about to go bankrupt in the month of August. The decision on funding them by the officials was taken on the 29th of July, which fell on a Friday. 

Capitol Security Bill Details

The Capitol Security bill and the funds will be used in paying the Capitol police for their training, working overtime, and much more. The money provided by the federal lawmakers will also be used for the cause of Afghanistan. Mostly the federal agencies will be paid with the money in exchange for their services towards their humanitarian acts. The first body in order to speak up about the Capitol Security bill was the US Senate. It took a lot of time for the lawmakers to reach a common decision with regard to the benefit of the Capitol police.

The biggest reason for the depletion of the funds of the Capitol police was the violent revolt that broke out in the Capitol building on the 6th of January. Chuck Schumer, the majority leader of the US Senate, gave a statement with regard to the need for the Capitol security bill. It was stated that the Capitol police had a very crucial role to play in keeping the lawmakers secure the day the riot took place.

And so it was now their responsibility to provide safeguard to these people. The total number of votes related to the said bill on the floor of the House was 416-11. Currently, the bill is taken to the office of Joe Biden, the President, for his approval.  

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