Chip Roy Made His Opinion Loud And Clear 

chip roy

Even though in the process he has slammed house speaker Kevin McCarthy. Other fellow members of the Republican party. Chip Roy attacked Kevin McCarthy on the debt ceiling decision. According to him, he made a wrong decision. Which is going to result in citizens’ style. Both Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden agreed on negotiation. But according to Roy, it’s going to complicate future debt situations. They won’t notice the effects immediately but eventually, it will turn out as a wrong decision.

The debt limit date is nearing, and Congress has yet to confirm if they want to apply for an extension. 

Chip Roy Felt McCarthy Perhaps Played With Fire

He clearly stated that Kevin McCarthy has shook his bloody hands. Chip Roy felt Kevin McCarthy might have put the other nine Republicans in a significant situation to agree with him in all terms.

The newly passed bill is likely to doom the situation in the debt ceiling in the future. This is what Chip Roy is afraid of.

Not only Chip Roy alone but there are others who feel the same way.

When the bill was passed many raised their concerns regarding the negotiations and freezing the domestic spending. They all agreed with spending more on veterans and the retired army.

Many criticized Chip Roy’s tweet about how he pointed out many things from the meeting at the House. Which the majority were unaware of, again there is also a possibility Chip Roy is lying. Dusty Johnson from South Dakota felt the chip might be spreading false information. He was also present at the moment in the house; he didn’t hear such things. Other members criticized Roy for spreading something untrue.