Gavin Newsom Urged People To Be More Sensible Towards Water Usage

California Recall
California Recall

Gavin Newsom, the Governor of the state of California, gave a statement with regard to the water crisis prevailing in the state. He tried to lessen the problem by providing a solution to the citizens. The Democratic governor asked the people of the state to reduce water consumption by about 15%. The entire issue originates from the fact that the western region of the United States of America is facing an advanced issue of drought as the temperature in the region does not seem to lessen.

Gavin Newsom’s Request

Gavin Newsom, the 53-year-old Governor, also provided the expansion of the state of emergency with regard to drought to about 50 counties of California. This accounts for almost 42% of the entire population of the state. This step was taken by the Democratic leader this Thursday. The state government gave a statement with regard to the prevailing conditions at one of the news conferences. It was held in the city of San Luis Obisbo.

He stated that the administration is hoping for the citizens to consciously tackle the problem from the lessons learned from the previous drought conditions. He claimed that he was hoping the people would reduce the water usage in the state by 15% voluntarily. Gavin Newsom further stated that the same was expected from beyond personal lives for industrial as well as agricultural purposes. 

The Democratic governor stayed away from declaring a state emergency in the entire state of California. He also did not provide any specific water usage framework as the state faces serious water scarcity. The recall election concerning the governor is just two months from now. As he stood before the famous Lopez Lake, Gavin Newsom encouraged his fellow Californians to take sensible measures when it came to carrying out daily chores that needed more water including showering and watering lawns.