Manchester United One Step Closer Towards Final Cup After Match With Nottingham

Manchester United
Manchester United

Manchester United are almost within reach of the Carabao Final Cup after winning a match against Nottingham Forest with 3-0 scores at the stadium of City Ground in Wednesday’s match, that too at the beginning of their first leg in the semi-final. 

Manchester United gained control over the whole match throughout by scoring right at the beginning and final end, Marcus Rashford fetched a goal by himself to start off by showing his burning-hot shape and goalie Wout Weghrost converted a rebound to his leverage scoring his first of the many goals towards the club ever since the loan move of Burnley.

Coach Ten Hag Quite Joyful With Team Manchester United’s Latest Win

Forest could be seen seeking their opportunity at League Cup finals since 1992, they came off with a strong impression but were incompetent in foreseeing most of the attacks costing them their win. United secured its trip to Wembley with Bruno Fernandes’s goal in the 89th minute which surely looked like child’s play.

Coach Erik ten Hag shares his happiness with the team’s performance, for the 90-minute long match, they maintained their control over the match but he was well aware of some fallouts that could’ve changed the course of the game, saying they will be mindful of that from the next match. Ten Hag’s dedication towards the team is truly commendable, their strong lineup with the Old Trafford’s game made it pretty evident that they’re here to risk it all for the trophy this season. Being his first-ever season with the team the layout was quite well built with Caseimero returning back from his suspension after his defeat to Arsenal in Sunday’s premier league

The visitor’s Manchester United just took 6 minutes to get all out in front, Rasford aiming towards the net once again. England made sure that the goal was in the forward’s own work, he kept driving forward down to his left at times inside his own half later gushing through two of the Forest defenders, firing into the post with his left foot in front. It was one of those matches that just stays with you.