Gavin Newsom Proposes More Stimulus Money In The Heat Of Recall Campaign

Quota Limits
Quota Limits

The Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom is facing a recall led by the Republicans. On Monday, he said that his next desire is to give back the taxpayers anything left of the huge budget of California worth $75.7Bn. He plans to do this by an expansion to the program of stimulus checks. He claims that 66.7% of Californians will receive it.

Will The Promise Be Enough For Gavin Newsom?

Gavin Newsom’s latest proposal would cost about $12Mn. It would also be the biggest yearly rebate ever provided in the history of any American state, claimed Newsom. He also added that it is only a part of the larger planned “California Comeback Plan” worth $100Bn. The bigger plan will have assistance for rents as well as direct relief. The amount is expected to help residents pay their gas, electricity, and water bills.

Gavin Newsom continued that this is possible because of a surplus of $75.7Bn in the state’s budget. He noted that last year, he had to announce an estimated deficit of $54.3Bn. Gavin Newsom called it a turnaround of remarkable proportions, in a conference with the press. He reiterated that California is well on the path to recovery.

If the expanded stimulus aid gets approval from the state legislature under the control of the Democrats, $600 stimulus checks will be sent to residents. However, their income has to be below $75,000 and they must not have received any state payments earlier. An extra $500 may be sent out to families. In April, Californians whose income was below $30000 had already received some money.

Gavin Newsom emphasized that the plan cannot proceed without cooperation from the legislature of the state. He said that he is not undermining the process of deliberation. However, being of the same party, he is keeping in mind that their values lie in the same direction.