Gavin Newsom’s Recall Election Confirmed

Gavin Newsom
gavin newsom

Gavin Newsom, the Governor of the state of California, will have to go through the recall election. This is because the critics have managed to get enough signatures that are needed to contest a recall election. The election is to take place either in the month of December or in the summer.

Gavin Newsom Faces Double-Fold Challenge

There was no doubt about the existence of the recall election. It was a known fact that it would take place. This was because of the participation of the grassroots group that was well organized in the issue. They left no stone unturned in working against the Democratic Governor, Gavin Newsom. They managed to gather the required signatures by traveling to each and every county of California. The grassroots groups were not alone, they had the strong support of the key strategists of the Republican party from the state. These strategists brought together their expertise to achieve their mission. 

Democratic Gavin Newsom had started to make efforts to battle the growing wave that demanded a recall election in the state. This took place after he ignored the bid that was made to throw him out of his office. However, this new phase that he enters into, is an extremely challenging one. He will have to manage a double crisis.

On one hand, he will need to make sure that California is bright back to normal after having gone through so much due to the Coronavirus pandemic. And on the other, Gavin Newsom will have to start campaigning in order to ensure that he is not thrown out from the office of the Governor. This seems to be a very tough time for the California Democrat who is potentially hooped to be a White House future contender. 

 As of now, the approval ratings of the Democratic Governor have not moved from 50%. The efforts that he has made in order to speed up the vaccination programs to ensure the reopening of the state have been praiseworthy. The target he has set for uplifting restrictions is the 15th of June.