Gavin Newsom’s Plan On Gun Control

Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, recently announced that his administration was looking for new measures to ensure gun control. These measures would closely follow the controversial abortion ban in Texas, in order to limit the sale of ghost guns and assault weapons in the state.

According to a press release, the proposed bill from Newsom would allow the citizens of California to sue anyone who would manufacture, distribute, sell or purchase an assault weapon or ghost gun kit or parts for damages. This has been modeled on the same injunction-skirting mechanism Texas used to ban every single abortion after six weeks, which has been permitted by the Supreme Court so far. 

Gavin Newsom Aims At Gun Control

In a tweet on Saturday, Gavin Newsom stated that if Texas was the precedent then the Newsom administration would allow Californians to sue those who put assault weapons and ghost guns on the streets. If Texas could ban abortion and endanger lives as a result of that, then California could definitely ban deadly weapons of war and help save lives. This statement from Newsom comes on the eve of a ruling by the Supreme Court which further entombed the ability of the Texas government to ban virtually all abortions in the state. 

As of now, not many details are known about Gavin Newsom’s proposed California legislation other than its mechanism for enforcement: according to the announcement, plaintiffs suing manufacturers of firearms could receive remuneration of around $10,000, as well as attorney fees if they ended up winning the case. As reported by the LA Times, the California State Assembly, and Rob Bonta, the Attorney General won’t be able to move it immediately owing to the holiday break. 

In quite a few ways, this legislation by Gavin Newsom could be a no-lose strategy for him, who will be running for reelection the next year.