George Santos Declares Himself The Treasurer Despite Controversies

George Santos
George Santos

After being charged earlier this month, Rep George Santos (R-NY) has declared himself the treasurer of his reelection campaign, according to a filing. 

7 charges of fraudulent wire transfer, 3 counts of laundering money, one count of stealing public funds, and 2 charges of presenting materially false representations to the House are among the 13 federal charges that George Santos is facing. 

The accusations were brought following months of scandals surrounding the troubled freshman congressman, who it was later discovered had made a variety of fraudulent claims about his past in terms of his personal, professional, and educational history during his bid for the position in 2022

George Santos Is His Campaign’ Treasurer

George Santos is accused of ordering someone to persuade potential donors that their contributions would be used to purchase television advertisements, but the money was reportedly utilized for personal costs including the purchase of fashionable clothing and the settlement of debts owed by Santos. 

Up to Friday’s update, the campaign’s treasurer was a guy by the name of Andrew Olson. After Nancy Marks, Santos’s former treasurer resigned from her position in January, Olson was appointed in February. 

Thomas Datwyler was first named as the new treasurer in an updated filing from January, but Datwyler’s lawyer informed the FEC that he had not taken the post. This prompted the commission to inform Santos that without a treasurer, his presidential bid and political organizations wouldn’t be allowed to accept or use the funding. Santos had been released on a $500,000 bail after entering a not-guilty plea to the accusations leveled against him. He has sworn to battle for his reputation to be cleared. June 30 is the date of his subsequent court appearance.

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